Amsterdam and London Travel

Amsterdam and London Travel

Amsterdam and London Travel

Hey people and invite back to my channel and i am doing a travel vlog it has actually been a very long time given that i” ve done a travel vlog i constantly consider it each time i go traveling we” ll see if i in fact publish this so i remain in amsterdam i simply got completed from a break from school or i’guess now i ‘ m on break from school and.

I am going to remain in amsterdam for a couple days and after that london for another couple days figured it was time for a europe journey and i have buddies in both amsterdam and london so i” m gon na visit them we really got in the other day which was kings day which is a big vacation in amsterdam and individuals were similar to partying on the streets throughout the day so we.

Didn” t do quite we generally simply got to our hotel unwinded got supper and went to sleep and after that we oversleeped up until like 10 45 today which was not the objective however you understand that” s how it is and now we are all prepared to address twelve noon simply off to get breakfast now so today the strategy is get breakfast you understand get.

Some caffeine due to the fact that i” m still quite worn out then we” re attempting to go on a boat trip we had one at 10 30 today however they informed us the other day that it resembled gon na be postponed and they never ever informed us what it was going to be so we” re gon na figure that out and i believe’we ‘ re gon na go to i’put on ‘ t understand some museums ideally get some stroopwafels since.

I truly wish to do that and after that i am meeting my pal for supper tonight and here” s completion and here is the suitable for today i got these little trousers from abercrombie i love how like flowy they are they” re really enjoyable and this t-shirt i wear” t understand i believe it ‘ s from h m or something however it ‘ s really.

Extremely cold regrettably i prepared for the weather condition that i desired which resembled 60s and after that suddenly we got here and it resembled high of like 50 and in vegas today where i live it” s like 80 so we ‘ re bummed about’the cold’so it ‘ s 6 o ‘ clock and we returned from like a semi-long day of doing things kind.

Of bummed we didn” t get up previously however i simply wished to stroll through with some things that we did today so we had breakfast at the breakfast club we wished to go to this location called benji however they required appointments so we” re going tomorrow a great deal of the dining establishments are puzzling due to the fact that like you stroll in and.

Like individuals simply sort of like look at you and they wear ‘ t state anything so i” m like all right do i like seat myself like do i you understand do you wish to see me and normally they ‘ ll like type of like point you in an instructions or like this early morning we strolled into the benji location you understand they resembled they simply looked at us.

And they were open seats so i resembled all right need to i like go sit at one however then we asked they” re like oh no you require a booking i” m like somebody might similar to inform me what” s going on it ‘ s really complicated however then simply down the street was the breakfast club which was truly great i had like.

A little avocado toast it was quite huge i seemed like the part sizes were quite big then we type of made our method over to where our boat trip was going to be which resembled a truly adorable enjoyable location there” s like some little like plazas great deals of little canals and great deals of shopping too we simply got ian a coat’since it ‘ s a little cooler.

Than we desired today however really like for the many part i really simply placed on a light coat and often i was even like hot due to the fact that it was warm today which resembles fantastic i love warm weather condition so i wasn” t thrilled about like the cold however fortunately today was warmer than i believed for it just resembling 55 degrees so we did our trip on flagship.

Trips which was ideal by the anne frank home another note for anybody considering going to the anne frank home you require to schedule your tickets like now like if your journey remains in a month book your tickets now due to the fact that we attempted to get tickets to the anne frank home like 2 weeks back and they were currently.

Totally scheduled and like sadly i didn” t actually have a great deal of time to prepare my journey throughout the term since boards and finals so um yeah certainly anne frank home a minimum of like 3 weeks beforehand you got ta book your tickets so we are not going to the anne frank home we may go to like the jewish historical museum.

Rather however anyways our boat trip was right by the anne frank home and it was flagship trips they resembled top on tripadvisor or something and like we liked them i liked the boat itself there” s like little pillows to rest on and things and it was cool like everybody like stated where they were from on the boat and everybody resembled from a.

Various nation which i wasn” t anticipating i put on” t understand why i believed there would be more american individuals however we resembled among the only american individuals and i seemed like our boat trip like it took them like 10 minutes to in fact begin discussing what we were seeing they like we” re simply attempting to get everybody to like order beverages and.

We like wear” t actually consume so we resembled all right like we actually require that um and yeah the only thing i discovered was that your houses like are type of tipped forward so that when they like roll their i wear” t understand they get their boats out that it doesn” t struck your home and things that” s actually like i seem like the only thing i.

Found out i we saw some other cool architecture which was enjoyable however compared to like we remained in chicago a couple months ago like in the fall and we did a boat trip there and our like person who was talking resembled actually amazing like i discovered a lot and i simply want that we had actually like discovered a bit more so i wear” t truly.

Believe i ‘ d suggest the flagship trips it” s type of enjoyable if you simply type of wish to sit there and like take a look at whatever um and it” s not a covered boat so you actually wish to go on a day that ‘ s like great and not drizzling however i believe i would most likely i believe i would go elsewhere or like to a various.

Boat trip then we went to winkle 43 which i got a couple suggestions like they” re expected to have like among the very best like apple tarts so we went there which was another among those dining establishments where you stroll in and like everybody looks at you and nobody informs you where to go so we resembled i might actually take a seat he” s like yeah simply sit.

At the bar so we sat at the bar um i believed it was going to be more of like a bakeshop so i certainly still require to go like to a real pastry shop due to the fact that i love baked products i didn” t get my strip waffle today either um however yeah it was it was absolutely more of like a bar club that likewise serves apple pie.

And the apple pie resembled respectable um it resembled i indicate it was great they had a great deal of whipped cream on it i” m not exactly sure it ‘ s like the very best apple pie i ‘ ve ever had everybody states like i put on” t understand individuals i seem like individuals truly overemphasize on google they” re like oh this is the very best apple pie in all of amsterdam i” m not we didn ‘ t like love it.

And now i ‘ m waiting to get to supper with my good friend we are going to wagyu yakiniku um yeah i believe it” s like a i put on ‘ t actually understand what it is however she picked it and she lives here so ideally that ‘ s great all right so it ‘ s friday and it ‘ s 9 13.

P.m it ‘ s my very first time vlogging today did not go rather as prepared once again i got up similar to not feeling 100 once again didn” t sleep extremely well so we pressed our breakfast back to like 10 30 and after that we actually returned after.

Breakfast took a two-hour nap and after that we went to kookenhoff i believe the tulips are just around up until like mid-may so we came out like the ideal time however i” ve constantly wished to see the stunning like spring gardens and truthfully it resembled the very best gardens i” ve ever been to we walked for 2 hours and i put on” t even believe i saw.

Whatever like each time we turned it resembled something brand-new however yeah we essentially took a little cable car to the rai um and after that they have like buses that go to kukenhof so it was quite simple it was similar to a 30 to 40 minute bus flight um and after that we went there we most likely need to have simulated a little bit more like.

Of a trip you understand learning more about the tulips and whatever we didn” t we simply mainly did looking however often it” s simply great to do that and after that we went to pizzeria dopey tonight with.

My good friend once again and yeah tomorrow is our last like complete main day in amsterdam so we truly require to like get a lot done tomorrow i” m simply hoping that i can like sleep while tonight i” m ready to go like take a bath due to the fact that this hotel space has like a huge tub that in fact fits me even if like the majority of u.s sized.

Bathtubs i simply am hanging out of them due to the fact that i am a i” m a high individual so i” m going to take a bath go to sleep early and after that ideally get some sleep so we can have a special day tomorrow we still have actually not been to the reich” s museum which resembles the huge museum here require to go to that and move a couple other strategies too.

all best neglect the reality that i remain in london now due to the fact that i didn” t get to sign in the other day we were out actually from like 9 00 a.m to like 10 p.m and we went directly to bed well we” d pack and after that now’i ‘ m here in london anyways i wished to discuss what i did yesterday day 3 in amsterdam so initially we began.

Out with a breakfast at this like extremely adorable little location it resembled type of like within a garden and it was simply really charming certainly liked the breakfast then we went to albert queef market i believe is how you state it which” s um like what i believe the most significant street market in amsterdam it was this huge long roadway with like little suppliers.

Type of like sort of like a little farmer” s market like there was fruit and vegetables and things there was clothing like you understand bit little keepsakes things like that my buddy states that they really go there often to like simply do their routine shopping since they have you understand great.

Vegetables and fruit and all that and i got my stroopwafel which was so great you need to get a fresh one i simply got the plain one they likewise have like they likewise cover them in nutella and things however i simply wished to attempt the plain one and above i didn” t get more while i existed since the ones that aren” t like fresh and warm aren” t the very same they like.

Make the waffle and after that they in fact sufficed in half i believed it was 2 waffles like assembled with like syrup in the center however it” s in fact like they slice it in half extremely thinly and after that they put this like caramel syrup in between so excellent i simply went to a random stand um however they all sort of looked the exact same and.

I wager they” re all like quite similarly excellent then we attempted to go to the reich” s museum however a little professional idea once again um purchase your museum tickets ahead of time too nobody stated this online nobody stated you needed to purchase your tickets beforehand and we go to the museums and they” re all like offered out so the van gogh museum was offered out for like the next 3 days and the.

Marks museum fortunately we went to the little outdoors cubicle and they still had some tickets left for the day however we needed to wait like 2 hours up until our entry time so we got our tickets we simply sort of checked out the structure outside which resembled truly quite they even have some tulip gardens around the museum so we simply sort of went like did a little.

Shopping in the meantime i got some presents for individuals back in the house we likewise got some boba at this location called choon which was truly great absolutely advise and i believe we were on like the 9 streets at that point there” s like that ‘ s like a popular location.

It ‘ s called like the 9 strats or something and after that after about 2 hours we returned to the ideal museum and the popular van gogh painting was not there like we asked the like guide individuals and they” re like oh yeah like it ‘ s in like they moved it elsewhere for like a brief time period i resembled seriously they like get marketing on.

All their maps and whatever there” s a great deal of rembrandt there and much like some cool things truthfully like i truly appreciate like all like the well-known painters however it” s simply good to see all like the old art and whatever and it was a substantial museum it resembled 4 floorings and they even had like an asian display.

Like on like the basement flooring that we went to with like some cool things so i absolutely advise at the rights museum if you” re wanting to go to a museum i would have likewise wished to go to the van gogh museum however truthfully like 2 museums in one day would have been a lot and after that we went.

To supper at this indonesian location indonesian food is truly huge in amsterdam since the dutch like colonized indonesia so my pals like took us there since they like live there and they like understand everything about this things so it was in fact truly excellent and like quite economical too we had a lots of food and it was for like 30 euros a.

Individual i understand that like might seem like a lot however it was a lots of food we absolutely might not end up at all and yeah we consumed supper for like 3 hours due to the fact that they” re really leisurely there however we were having fun similar to talking and things and after that i returned and loaded which was all of amsterdam i wished to simulate a bit more i.

Certainly seemed like we didn” t totally enhance our journey however like jet lag simply actually draws often and there” s like absolutely nothing you can do about it so i” m hoping we get to do a little bit more in london since london is way larger than amsterdam like amsterdam whatever resembled 20 minutes away so it was truly good like absolutely nothing took more than.

20 minutes to get to a train we” re strolling alright anyways now some amsterdam like suggestions or things we did um that made travel simpler and things so in regards to transport to amsterdam from the airport um they do have like ubers and taxis that can really navigate like decently quickly and it was just a 15 minute drive from the airport.

To our hotel and we took an uber today since it resembled 6am i resembled i” m not i ‘ m refraining from doing cable cars and like all that things it was much like gon na be excessive and i believe the uber resembled 25 euros which truly wasn” t that bad so certainly an alternative if you understand are preventing.

Simulating a lot of cable car and like train modifications and things however besides that transportation around the city we didn” t bike due to the fact that the cyclists there resemble insane like they much like it truthfully would be a lot for a brand-new bicycle rider or somebody brand-new to the city to be cycling around there so we did mainly simply public transport i.

Advise like getting like a one or a couple day pass so you can much like get on and off as often times as you desire we did refrain from doing the i amsterdam card since we wound up conserving cash refraining from doing that since it resembled i resembled 50 a day per individual and the one day passes for city cable car and.

Train possibly bus no city cable car bus the one day pass for that i believe resembled 7 euros an individual so it was incredibly inexpensive so i certainly would suggest doing that incredibly simple to purchase you can purchase them like on the cable cars if they wear” t have kiosks at the cable car stations or you can purchase them like at any city station which was.

Super simple and it” s like truly simple to navigate doing that and in regards to like masks and whatever we generally no place needed you to use a mask other than for in the airport it stated masks were needed just like half individuals are using them we were using ours and you didn” t requirement to do any kova screening in amsterdam you require a test to.

Return to the us however the covet tests in amsterdam are so inexpensive we purchased a couple and much like took them you understand simply to ensure we were you understand unfavorable and whatever and now it is time for me to prepare due to the fact that we are doing high tea in london at 2 o” clock and it is 1 10 and i am not prepared.

fine a little tea healthy check so i have this little sweatshirt ribbed gown from amazon and these are my dolce vita boots that i extended with my shoe stretcher and they” re really quite comfy like nobody truly uses like heels and things.

Here due to the fact that there” s a lot strolling however so we simply returned from tea at the mandarin oriental we took a look at a lot of tea locations and they” re all like type of expensive so that they” re all sort of in between like 50 to like 75 pounds however i will state we simply went to.

The one at the mandarin asian which resembled i put on” t understand 60ish pounds an individual and there was a lot consisted of like as quickly as you simply register like for like their e-mail list they provided us like this like matcha event like entirely included you might likewise get like an additional matcha latte entirely included they resembled.

We simulated the japanese matcha event they resembled oh we can do the chinese matcha event too similar to compare them and i believe you can even get like alcohol like champagne and whatever consisted of also due to the fact that like all the add-ons are totally free.

And they bring you like one sandwich an individual like one kind of sandwich they” re like 5 various little sandwiches and you can get like as numerous sandwiches as you desire they resembled oh do you desire any like refill sandwiches we resembled we didn ‘ t understand’if it’like costed more or not they ‘ re like oh no it ‘ s consisted of so you get as numerous sandwiches.

As you desire and after that you can get like as lots of scones as you desire you can get various kinds of tea like i” ve likewise been to a high tea at the um at the waldorf in vegas and you can just get one kind of tea you can” t like switch your teeth this one you can get as several sort of teas as you.

Desire for being a great deal of cash like you can get like a lot out of it and it resembled type of excellent and like the service was truly good and it was simply a truly enjoyable like method to like you understand get presented to london and after that we walked hyde park since like our hotels are right there which is great.

And after that now i” m simply gon na like prepare for bed i understand it” s early it ‘ s like 5 however i simply wan na like prepare for the next couple days due to the fact that we put on ‘ t have a great deal of strategies yet we have like dining establishments and whatever reserved and a program however yeah excellent early morning people it” s monday.

The 2nd and today we have an entire thing prepared lastly we simply had breakfast the hotel has breakfast consisted of which was great due to the fact that it much like come by some breakfast and now we” re preparing to go or we are prepared a little in shape check this coat everybody constantly asks me where it” s from.

It ‘ s from nordstrom rack and like things like cycle out of there really rapidly so it” s most likely not offered any longer and then a little tank and denims are abercrombie and i” ve been using my nike air force ones this whole journey they” ve truthfully been excellent so initially we are stopping by westminster abbey and we have a booking there at like 11 so.

We got ta start and after that we” ll see where else we go today ideally we likewise go to the british museum trafalgar square and there” s a donut location i actually wish to go to so i understand what you” re believing catherine this does not look like a hotel space in london so i wound up simply losing my.

Voice excessive and being too hectic to like do the real vlogs while in london so now i am house and we” re going to evaluate the journey from here since you understand i was getting all the clips out and about anyhow so i still got this the very first genuine day in london aka monday very first thing we did was we simulated a little sightseeing that.

Day so we visited westminster abbey which is this lovely church there are many churches in london however i truthfully simply suggest you choose and which one you wish to go see since they” re all they all type of appearance the very same eventually the gothic architecture they” re lovely however like you understand how.

Lots of churches can you truly see so we did book our tickets online beforehand and you likewise pick a time slot that you are going to enter it” s not a trip or anything they did have self-guided audio trips so we did wind up doing that and you understand truthfully it was a bit sluggish so i avoided through some things i” m more of like a looker you understand than.

A listener in some cases so we did westminster abbey it was stunning i truthfully do suggest it and after that right near westminster abbey in fact as quickly as you leave of the city stop is huge ben and huge ben was not under building and construction while i existed it” s been under building for a very long time so if you sort of increase the street a little.

Bit throughout the bridge there” s a truly excellent like picture area that” s where i got my pictures of huge ben you can likewise see the london eye from there we didn” t wind up doing the london eye a great deal of individuals stated it was overvalued i would have perhaps wished to do it however i wear” t understand relocation so gradually like just how much time am i truly up there then i met my buddy we.

Wound up doing some walking we encountered like this little garden that was quite it had some tulips appears to be this the journey of tulips for me and after that we went to chinatown for a fast little lunch um we weren” t starving however i desired something due to the fact that i understood supper was going to be a methods.

Away so we went to this chicken store obviously got popular on tick tock or something however ian and i shared like a little popcorn chicken my pal got like the tacky volcano chicken i put on” t understand it was respectable and after that we dropped in this donut location we went two times while i remained in london a lot of you people advised it for me um it” s.

Crosstown donuts however that like blueberry doughnut was remarkable and the particular one we went to they were playing like a taylor swift just playlist the whole time i existed i resembled it was indicated to be at this donut store then we sort of walked the piccadilly circus location um i believed piccadilly circus was going to be something various it was actually.

Much like some stores however it was sort of like you understand popping however there wasn” t like unless’you ‘ re shopping i didn” t feel’like there ‘ s like a load to do there then it ‘ s the other like centerpiece of the day we went to the nationwide gallery which has a lot of well-known art work it ‘ s like a big.

Like numerous stories and another good idea about that a person i wear” t understand if we even reserved times in advance i understand that you can schedule a time slot online ahead of time however it was complimentary to get in the nationwide gallery i think that all museums in london are complimentary however like westminster abbey and like other sightseeing things like that do expense.

Generally around like 20-ish euros an individual and after that we did a fast supper at this fish and chips location we didn” t have any supper prepares that night so we figured we” d do something casual i seem like there” s not that numerous like timeless english foods aside from like fish and chips so we chose to opt for the fish and chips they were in fact truly great.

We were in a substantial rush to consume these and um my mouth was burned for a couple days ought to have understood however we had like 15 minutes prior to our next activity to simply like push those down however it truthfully was actually great i do suggest the location and then we went on a jack the ripper trip so jack the ripper is like a well-known.

Serial killer from like i wear” t understand possibly the victorian age or something i forget currently i did find out some things however in regards to like the ages and things for history it” s not my thing and i simulated the jack the ripper trip um and it” s however it began at 7 30 and after a complete day of walking throughout the day i didn” t truly wish to go.

On another strolling trip where i resembled on my feet and tired so it was type of stressful and like unless you” re very into it i” m unsure i would completely suggest it um i didn” t movie on the jack the roper trip due to the fact that we weren” t like enabled to movie while he was talking however like it was low-cost it was an enjoyable little activity i simply truthfully.

Most likely would have chosen to see like a little jack the ripper documentary then the real trip although it was cool to see you understand where whatever took place then the next day we awakened simply had breakfast in the hotel once again and we went to the tower of london this is another one you do need to purchase tickets for so we.

Did purchase the tickets simply purchased them there it wasn” t like very hectic this was you understand in the middle of the week though which was actually cool great deals of history in there and after that you can likewise see the queen” s gems and whatever they have like an entire area you weren” t expected to movie in there so i didn” t however an entire area of all the.

Gems and like a few of the history behind them and like they were playing some videos of like the crownings and all that then best beside the tower of london is a tower bridge which if you see that gorgeous like bridge with heaven.

Accents in london that” s not the london bridge it” s tower bridge so i understand i seem like everybody states oh london bridge and it” s incredibly quite’it ‘ s in fact tower bridge and i ‘ ve absolutely made that error prior to however that was another great image chance we got some pictures on the bridge and pictures like near the tower of london that you could.

See the bridge then we took television over to district market for lunch there were many food supplier alternatives however i would state i seemed like a great deal of it resembled i wear” t understand little markets of like cheese and meats and things that you would like bring house to then like cook with or something or like buy as a present so there weren” t a great deal of like i feel.

Like ready-made food choices and it simply got a little frustrating so we wound up simply getting this little like curry circumstance um which was truly great it was best beside the paella that like everybody was going bananas for the line was extremely long however it in fact went quite fast then we visited the british museum.

Another complimentary one i believe we simply strolled right in once again and this had like the rosetta stone the popular like egyptian feline which like clearly like that” s where i went and after that some mummies i seem like part of the mummy exhibition was shut down and there was likewise expected to be like a japanese like samurai display that i actually wished to view as.

Well however the entire flooring was shut down and they resembled marketing this i hate when they do this they resembled promoting the samurais you understand and whatever and after that we attempted to increase the elevator like with a couple other individuals that were likewise attempting to see the samurai display and after that you leave the flooring and it” s like totally closed.

You simply needed to go pull back so that was sort of a downer then for supper we went to gloria this was a location advised by my pal she stated it” s like incredibly tough to get appointments so we certainly needed to book that a fair bit ahead of time however it was absolutely like a really relaxing like instagram type location like it was a.

Really charming little ambiance in there and the food was and the food was respectable too it was simply type of like italian i truthfully didn” t love my pasta it seemed like it was a little slushy and’like i ‘ m not a huge sauce individual so it resembled a little off-putting however the dessert was really enjoyable.

The next day we went to farm lady for breakfast i believe farm woman has numerous places throughout london and it was simply a good little like light breakfast they had enjoyable little i believe it had like a rose matcha latte as well so that was truly great then we strolled through green park on our method to buckingham palace so if you desire to see.

The altering of the guards you can go to the site and see the times that the altering of the guards is going to be it” s not every day and when i searched monday it stated it was going to be wednesday at 11 a.m altering of the guards so i resembled alright we” ll go wednesday at 11 a.m i search tuesday night and all of a sudden it states that it was.

Tuesday at 11 a.m and after that thursday at 11 a.m and we were leaving thursday early morning so i resembled oh my gosh you understand we missed out on the altering of the guards this is so lame due to the fact that if you wear” t see the altering of the backyards i seem like buckingham palace like you can” t even go within a minimum of like i wasn ‘ t able to so anyways we take our.

Time with breakfast and we arrive at like 11 20 and the altering of the cards was totally going on and i resembled are you severe like it actually stated on the site this wasn” t taking place today i wouldn” t we might have absolutely existed at 11 so i was simply a little irritated however we did get to see a few of the altering of the.

Guards it was truly enjoyable they likewise appear like i wear” t understand if like this resembles regular or like if that ‘ s like a thing however the guards resembled so young these resembled little young boys and i ‘ m like are they holding genuine rifles as like these kids in either case it was truly cool and it resembled extremely choreographed truly enjoyable and we likewise got to see like.

A few of the guards on horses and whatever however it was absolutely like a little congested also you couldn” t actually like relocation extremely far and individuals are likewise like glued approximately the bars and like will stagnate so you sort of have difficulty seeing a bit absolutely do your research study on when altering of the guards is then we still wished to do.

Like some sort of activity that would offer us a great view of london and we heard that saint paul” s cathedral like at the top of the cathedral you have a truly great like’bird ‘ s eye view of the city sort of an option to the london eye or the fragment which resembled the other 2 choices so we went to saint paul” s cathedral once again similar to a.

Church you understand on the within so absolutely nothing too insane however the only feature of this is that you do need to climb up the stairs all the method as much as the leading and i understood that entering however it was still like a great deal of stairs so i believe it resembled 500 stairs or something which in my head when i resembled 500 stairs it doesn” t noise that bad it was a great deal of.

Stairs i will state you invest the majority of the time strolling up the stairs and like you can” t truly see anything when you ‘ re strolling up the real stairs it still resembled 20 to 25 pounds per individual and you need to do all the work of increasing the stairs and you can” t see anything while you” re climbing up the stairs you just get it on top so i seem like.

For sightseeing the london eye may have been a much better option due to the fact that you can in fact like you understand simply delight in the landscapes as you fluctuate and i put on” t understand it ‘ s most likely likewise around 30ish pounds i” m not truly sure however if you type of wished to see a church and i wear” t understand get some climbing in my legs were shaking a lot after that.

You still had a respectable view then for supper we went to fortunate feline by gordon ramsay i love gordon ramsay among my preferred chefs i love enjoying him on masterchef i love consuming his food he has a great deal of dining establishments here in las vegas so i” m really knowledgeable about gordon ramsay and he simply never ever dissatisfies so we went to fortunate feline it was absolutely.

Like sort of like a hip casual location a few of his locations resemble extremely like high-end this one seemed like i wear” t understand hip casual however all the food resembled little plates shared design which is my preferred method to do it due to the fact that i wear” t understand what am i gon na finish with like a chicken breast meal you understand it” s similar to not my thing i like to like get a.

Little taste of whatever so we did that it was extremely enjoyable and after that i got this little dessert too it resembled this like a rhubarb something parfait a little feline on the leading and after that as our really last activity we went to go see 6 the musical i in fact found out about 6 the musical on the podcast i listened to the everyday by the New York City times they had.

Like this entire episode on it and truthfully i truly liked the musical due to the fact that it was our last thing of the night we needed to awaken at actually 3 a.m the next day and the musical was just like an hour and 20 hour 30 minutes so there was no place to objective the theater was quite little however we might still see.

Yeah it was simply good not to like have like an extremely long play not like an hour and a half then an intermission and then another hour and a half and it was simply enjoyable and engaging the entire time and the females who were in this program had this the most unbelievable voices like it was like they were simply so skilled i believe that was truthfully my preferred part so i.

Was so satisfied by their singing and after that we were done simply some other little pointers about london for navigating the city i was a little worried due to the fact that we had actually simply remained in amsterdam which was extremely little london is a lot larger however truthfully browsing whatever in television which resembles their city system was so simple and my preferred part was you.

Never ever needed to purchase a city ticket you actually simply apple pay you get your charge card prepared you like double tap the side you apple pay scan it unlocks you enter and after that you tap the very same card for apple pay when you leave television and after that later on that night and believe like 1am they charge you for it and i believe i perhaps invested like 7.

Dollars like a day perhaps even less like depending upon how typically we were utilizing television however it was so simple simply not to need to purchase a city card or anything you simply apple pay and i simply i simply seemed like it went extremely efficiently i resembled extremely sophisticated i was really amazed i had actually done a great deal of public transport in europe in the past which was without a doubt the.

Simplest we likewise remained quite main in london we remained at hyde park and in regards to where to remain i have actually taken a trip with bigger groups of pals in europe prior to and we remained in airbnbs at the time airbnbs have actually gotten a lot more pricey though and similar to with the cleansing charges and whatever they truthfully like.

Don” t constantly end up being a lot and you put on” t get the advantages of like early check-in late checkout holding your bags and things and i” ve remained in lots of airbnbs in europe that much like didn” t turn out as prepared like one time the shower was actually like 2 feet far from the bed and i had another one that was expected to be like her own.

Different home and so forth owners much like strolled in at one point i was actually like in bed getting up in the early morning and like they similar to strolled and they” re like oh sorry and i wear” t understand so we did remain in hotels we were not taking a trip at like an extremely peak trip season so it wasn” t like that bad and likewise given that it” s simply 2 individuals in one.

Hotel space i seem like hotels are absolutely much better if you” re similar to with another individual or on your own however i seem like airbnbs tend to be a little much better for bigger groups however truthfully ian simply actually likes hotels he likes getting hotel points and you understand then you can secure free stays later which you wear” t get the advantage of with airbnb.

Okay men that” s it for the vlog um i understand this resembles sort of an unusual format so i hope you like it and i hope that i in fact navigate to modifying this since i hate modifying vlogs that” s why i never ever publish them i have actually some recorded that i simply put on” t post alright thank you men a lot for enjoying and i” ll see you next time bye.