Exploring the City During a Scorching Heatwave

Exploring the City During a Scorching Heatwave

Exploring the City During a Scorching Heatwave

Invite to london i” m from ghana hi invite back to GhanaFuntube by how you men doing remarkable I” m in Leicester square today is 16th of july 2022 the weather condition is sweltering it” s hot i ‘ m going to turn the cam and do some vlogging so let ‘ s get to organization a couple of minutes ago i was live streaming however the network been actually truly bad so i need to end the live stream and in fact begin doing what i enjoy finest which is vlogging reveal you men how lovely london appear like you understand the strategy is to get a beverage however it” s extremely really hectic however i hope i can get a pint of a beer someplace here you understand what let” s attempt there to see if we can get a beverage it ‘ s constantly good.

To sit someplace and get a beverage particularly in the sun oh yeah do you have a table for a beverage you put on” t do beverages early that ‘ s a fast thing right so no beverages here ideally when we get to brick lane we can really get some beverages people that was a good efficiency male i actually enjoyed the efficiency seriously i was live streaming however the network was actually bad so i need to end the live stream and in fact do some vlog you understand what so i was talking to these men they provided me a live efficiency and if you see the live stream if you sanctuary” t enjoyed it please return and see the live stream it was extremely energetic efficiency they in fact value my light efficiency i” m in the live stream so yeah i ‘ m in london today is fantastic delighting in the city and.

From here i” ll get to brick lane i” ll reveal you men how the brand-new Elizabeth lane look like yeah so examine the channel out share on facebook inform a good friend inform a sweetheart inform my sibling inform x to subscribe to gon na thank you today you understand yeah we can display whatever yeah the sun is best for the electronic camera oh my god you understand i love when it” s warm since my skin kind of radiance you understand i” m insane ideal i wear ‘ t have a microphone the sun may be a little bit amusing however it” s alright so i ‘ m heading to piccadilly circus piccadilly is like a time square of brand-new york you understand they have all these huge screens where these screen or that veterinarians possibly i” ll be on the if you got early circus board one day you understand she” s.

Gon na’discover she ‘ ll remain in london gon na discover to be attempting not gon na discover someone all over you never ever understand i may be on that board one day you understand when we struck all the countless customers all the subscription however we” re getting all the huge tasks we can fulfill on the board you understand we” ll be huge so belong to the a million household you understand yeah this is the London ambiance sorry gon na work in london you understand let” s get individuals to state welcome to london today you understand hi bro what” s up can you do me a favor can you inform me invite to london thank you man you see appearance we got somebody welcome to london i” m delighting in london today is amazingly hot however it” s all best i ‘ ll consume a great deal of water to keep the energy going what ‘ s your name pedro where from italy gracie grazie Italy from i” m from Ghana.

Africa you understand what i believe it” s buffet so i believe we need to inspect Italy yeah bye-bye my buddies thank you thank you thank you youtube on youtube good video camera is it z10 this great one thank you you” re vlogging yeah strolling video yeah i ‘ ll examine your channel so while i was vlogging i fulfilled a 4k uh strolling 4k strolling uh he ‘ s simply a walking here so if you wish to examine his channel out uh what he does is he does a great deal of strolling videos so if you wish to see a great deal of london material examine your 4k vlogging i you can see whether you choose whether you wish to.

See his material tonight you understand due to the fact that you see a great deal of material from london from my strolling videos uh this is a piccadilly today down there that” s a computer system registry jesus Piccadilly everyone comes you understand all i” m going to do is i ‘ m going to put an electronic camera here so that we can in fact enjoy this beautiful view of piccadilly you understand what let me put a video camera in this manner and i” ll stand there talk with you people for a bit yeah so this is Piccadilly today this is london the time today is one o” clock one on the docks live from Leicester Square Piccadilly if you wish to call it that method this is terrific down there though yeah so let” s continue vlogging.

That ‘ s a great time out male what” s up what ‘ s up all ideal so i ‘ m heading to um area ‘ s area street now ideally i can finish up the video from here then i can get to train or tube and after that most likely get to brit lane then we can uh begin revealing some fantastic material i suggest food material you understand that” s what i ‘ m here for yeah so this is a’area street i put on ‘ t understand if’you can see me however you understand it ‘ s rather lovely directly there i ‘ ve developed numerous videos so numerous incredible material from here so if you ‘ re enjoying uh it ‘ s got an excellent streak we really had a supper there at the coffee shop royale let me turn the electronic camera so you can see how lovely the coffee shop royale is uh it” s.

Really called cake and bubble so if you wish to have a cake or bubble you understand it” s respectable the weather condition is so hot today it” s excruciating thank you water in my knapsack that water was really cold when i refill it and now it” s extremely really hot so i ‘ m trying to find someplace to sit get a beverage then i ‘ ll get on a tube then head to brick claim where i can get some incredible food yeah if you remember my london vlog i remain here i produce incredible material from you so if you sanctuary” t viewed the video click here click here and enjoy the video from coffee shop yeah.

I believe this location is a bit calmer down there it” s like the energy’was off the roofing i ‘ m so exhausted seriously however you understand ideally i can get a beverage and continue vlogging and i informed you men i wish to return back to street vlogging and i think this is my very first one like vlogging on the street of the uk and ideally we can get to other locations yeah it” s remarkable incredible day remarkable location’uh we ‘ re going to turn inspect down here to see what” s down here and after that we can finish up the video around here pommery champagne oh my god no who doesn” t like champagne? it” s from France, Rims France stunning champagne you understand if you see my Business Class Video this.

Is what is service phone ring yeah i believe uh i believe that” s inaccurate they serve us uh Nicolas Feuillatte i put on” t understand what this location is uh it” s part of her it” s really vine street so we ‘ re in vine street that” s why yeah oh wow take a look at the vehicle bentley take a look at this insane extremely good though yeah men uh it” s been a it ‘ s been remarkable producing this material i understand it” s not long however you understand it ‘ s time to discover something to consume something to consume and after that develops you understand as soon as i surface doing that i” ll have a great deal of energy and produces a great deal of material for you people to take in yeah it” s been incredible it ‘ s been fantastic producing this material for you men yeah till then i” ll state peace see you in the next one you.

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