Worst Places To Live In London

Worst Places To Live In London

Q&A: Worst Place we’ve Visited, How we Met, Best aspect of Life in London

Over these previous couple of months in London the hardest part of lockdown is when I see the city practically ridiculing that it still exists it” s an uncomfortable tip that we are so close yet up until now from a regular life so keeping pattern let” s do a not typical video and respond to a few of the numerous charming concerns you people sent out in whatever from life in London the issue with Instagram coffee shops and the uncomfortable trick I shared when we initially began dating this is travel suitcase monkey addressing your burning Questions … let” s go to the very first concern oh … I ‘ ve seen the other the other more popular youtubers they do this and after that it cuts the next scene.

Oh!!! what” s your trick skill tone might not be precise so I wear” t actually have any cool celebration technique or anything however Chiaki has actually been really amazed with my Japanese pronunciation I” m attempting I ‘ ve sort of quit relearning Japanese it” s extremely tough language however I got some excellent Japanese pronunciation she informs me my preferred Japanese sentence Holly one done disco kala one disco it sounds terrific color one disco and what it generally suggests resembles what” s that’therefore it ‘ s a truly enjoyable video game to mess around your house specifically when you use the Japanese individual to be like Holly one under Scott.

Irwin and irska banana color one and asked I did it” d be kinda sky did the paper I was an enjoyable what do you like most about London the history and by that I put on” t imply simply you understand history however that” s why in the in the 5 days in London video I recommended to begin with the Tower of London and the city location cuz that” s clearly that ‘ s the earliest part and parts of that that” s like 2 thousand years of ages however’when you ‘ re in the Tower of London that you can you can feel the history that went on there and even at more current things then a couple years ago I was strolling it” s just a couple minutes from Regent Street and I was strolling and I unexpectedly understood that.

Up there is where the Beatles played their last ever gig prior to let it be it” s like right in main London a number of minutes from Regent Street and I resembled wow there” s that ‘ s where the Beatles did their did their gig so yeah it does great deals of little things like that like yeah it” s simply yeah it ‘ s simply terrific I like type of belonging of that when the Sun comes out there ‘ s no much better location ever the entire city comes alive and it” s very cool where ‘ s take a trip minutes constantly helpful for laughs later on so we” ve never ever truly had anything horrendous occur never ever had any overall problem stories however one that instantly occurs is we went to Tuscany for a week and the concept was.

We” re gon na sort of trip around Tuscany and we leased a vehicle right from the airport so we landed and within sort of half an hour we were we remained in the vehicle and among us I” m not gon na state which among us was driving and within about 10 minutes we” d smashed our wing mirror so we returned to the airport we weren” t we didn ‘ t get the additional insurance coverage we can ‘ t needed to pay a fortune there and after that the other among us took control of the driving from that point onwards and whatever went definitely great have you ever checked out Canada I” m from Vancouver location and we were in fact expected to be going to Canada in a number of weeks undoubtedly that” s been canceled we were expected to be going to.

Toronto for about 6 or 7 nights and this remarkable air B&B truly closed the city centre then we were going to take a flight to Calgary invest a night in Calgary and after that invest about 7 or 8 nights in Banff and Jasper the national forests that was the initial strategy certainly that” s not taking place now the flight semi cancelled whatever in regards to rebooking it everybody” s been truly excellent in regards to scheduling calm no cancellation cost there being a cancellation cost we reserved a cars and truck with nationwide cars and truck that was absolutely great got the insurance coverage back that we reserved for the automobile particularly also so that” s all great air transit which was the airline company that we reserved without any refunds.

For that regardless of the flight actually being canceled and we may be in coupons as the very best case circumstance however to respond to the concern yes we want to go to Canada however one day quickly what was the worst thing your other half discovered you and you were deeply humiliated so when I remained in the dating video game there was a couple of concerns that I would ask there resembled a base test to see how they would respond and among them is that I” m an enormous expert fumbling fan I” ve enjoyed professional fumbling considering that 1990 I went to WrestleMania 25 I remained in row 5 at WrestleMania 25 cost me $800 for the seat and this remains in 2009 I gently I flew out to Texas I got a limited-edition chair when you.

Rest on the very first 12 rows or something you get a limited-edition chair this isn” t like a countless them on the planet and you understand that” s I ‘ m simply living the dream generally so however I would discuss this to see how they would respond and after that I would evaluate them based upon their responses so when I was speaking to Jackie I believe was date second I discussed this so I resembled hi and likewise is what I simply done I was on a UK battling television chat program and I was discussing my preferred fumbling podcasts I was tongue-in-cheek when I did this however after I got the video I then did a director” s commentary over the top of it with the concept of hi appearance I” m now on tv.

Aren” t I’popular and terrific I ‘ m going to provide you some pointers and techniques undoubtedly I” m part of the part of the market now rather a widely known star although you understand I wear” t like to utilize that word however that is what I ‘ ve been referred to as I sure I informed her all this a night I revealed this now a great deal of individuals would run a mile from that however she was rather interested by that which was which was a relief so then I took her I resembled cool wicked here we go so he went to advance fumbling which resembles an independent one in Camden a fast post-edit note here Jackie likewise desires me to mention that the program lasted for 5 hours and she wasn” t truly extremely amazed which was the last we spoke.

Of it and something simply to state while I put your attention I” d never ever state this in the videos however my YouTube analytics inform me that loads of you men who enjoy my videos aren” t in fact registered for the videos so we truly value it if you might simply scroll down a bit on this video and simply struck that subscribe button like if you” re currently viewing my videos it simply generally informs YouTube that you like my things and after that it sort of suggests them to other individuals so if you might do that would be profoundly valued thank you quite what” s so unique about fish and chips in London inform us your preferred what I like to have whenever we have fish and chips is have.

Cod or haddock either orders truly trouble me a battered sausage 100% gravy and after that get either a bap from the location or if we” re simply having it here I ‘ ll get some bread so you can have a chip booty and put the chips in there which” s really great and soaking them in the in the gravy sauce too so yeah however the battered sausage with the fishnet chips that” s my leading pointer I was believing that when you need to shoot many videos do you in fact take pleasure in the minute or are you continuously with a cam or a phone attempting to cover whatever in order to have intriguing material so yeah this is something that I” m extremely incredibly knowledgeable about my internal slogan is that my vacation precedes it” s not you understand’it ‘ s not.

Sponsored vacation so if you” re simply us going a vacation I occur to movie it and after that make a video on it we put on” t do any retakes if a minute occurs and we miss it then you understand that” s that however to offer you an example on in 2015” s Japan vacation that was most likely when I did the most shooting that was 15 days vacation I took 2 and a half thousand video for that entire fortnight the majority of the video he similar to 7 seconds relatively fast so there” s one good idea is that Jackie ‘ s actually into photography so while she” s taking pictures I” m type of doing video however yeah it most likely removes you understand 15 percent of the vacation however I believe I get a few of that back when I” m modifying it.

And going through the video later on I sort of delight in recalling at it and it” s sort of it ‘ s a method of reliving the vacation video game while I ‘ m putting everything together so turns the concern eventually no however it” s something that I” m constantly knowledgeable about and I put on” t desire it to not a little talk like Al and enough you speak about the weather condition in England we like the weather condition the weather condition is interesting like if you reside in California today it” s bright so yeah I understand it is warm the other day warm tomorrow it” s warm it ‘ s not fascinating in England it” s like exists cloud is it like cloud with blue sky is it like cloud with a little Sun is it drizzle what sort of rain we talk and we ‘ re.

Talking drizzle we talk you” re pissing it down just how much time is required to take a trip the majority of Japan a really long time that” s why we have actually chosen to sort of break down the locations due to the fact that eventually we understand we” re going to keep returning every couple of years very first time we went we did Tokyo Mount Fuji and after that sort of up north to Siobhan Sam and after that when we went in 2015 we type of went Tokyo once again however then Kyoto and after that provide through the type of mountain location after that and sort of techie armor and things so you understand next time we” re preparation on going we” re believing Osaka I” m a huge Nintendo fan so in Universal Studios they must have Nintendo land open by them so a psychic we” re thinking.

Possibly beginning and after that Hiroshi mer sort of more out on the West and after that Kyushu I believe it is the sort of smaller sized island on the bottom left and possibly Aachen our so that” s sort of all those locations bottom I saw it was sort of the middle all those locations in one location so we” re attempting to simplify you’understand if you ‘ re just ever going to go as soon as then Tokyo Kyoto or type of whatever you actually require however due to the fact that we understand we” re gon na keep returning we wish to attempt and break it up into little pockets are you going to purchase a drone most likely not it” s been a couple of times when I want you understand I want I had cuz I understand it would make the video look much better whereas in the when I send them all.

These I desired I desired a drone I had this concept where I believed if I movie in sluggish movement and toss the iPhone up into the sky as boiled down the right with this gorgeous sort of childish minute now it didn” t work would you rather just have the ability to consume or just able to consume permanently consume food 100% of the time food for us you referred to as anybody who” s viewed a great deal of our videos like the Maldives video like I did an entire part on food they” re like that was most likely the very best dining establishment even if they prepared many various meals from all over the world and Tuscany too had truly remarkable food and most likely also really remained in.

Barcelona in 2015 most likely my preferred meal of that journey was the early morning market that we went to we arrived like 8 a.m. in the early morning it was truly peaceful right before it got truly hectic and simply the food and the omelette and things are incredible so food a hundred percent of the time finest location you have actually been I most likely put on” t have a finest location however one that simply occurs straightaway when I consider that remained in the Japanese Alps at the end of our in 2015” s Japan vacation there ‘ s this fantastic gondola trip that takes you up it” s among the greatest peaks in Japan and simply the view from the lookout point is definitely incredible however what truly sort of got it for me.

Was that you can there” s a little coffee shop and you can consume and pack there which is actually cool however there” s a little gorge and the snow is type of on either sides which generally that gorge will take you all the method to the next range of mountains for a couple of hours if you wish to stroll it we simply strolled for about 10 or 15 minutes and simply within that time it actually seemed like we were the only individuals on the planet there was absolutely nothing else going on it was overall silence and it was simply a little a minute he was right at the end of the Japan vacation and it type of seemed like a little a peak which is why I wished to end the video with it does anybody sponsor you or all out of pocket so I can guarantee you I state.

No a lot more times than I state yes I” ve just done 2 sponsored video one was with artists who were individuals I get the majority of my music from to 3 months in the description listed below if you” re interested I ‘ ve got a little list here of things that I” ve stated no to sports underclothing I put on” t believe I rather fit the brand name their pocket Wi-Fi a manor-house thing in England a journey to Wales which is rather good however it resembled winter season and I resembled man if I go and it” s actually rubbish weather condition I put on” t wish to be stuck I” m making a video every night it” s terrific when it was drizzling all the time a private yacht week around turkey water shoes a fanny travel pack or a bottom bag since.

We would state however yeah the point is you understand if I if I do react sir then you understand a minimum of have some self-confidence that I” m not simply doing it since’I ‘ m selling myself out a fast note for any prospective sponsors out there I will definitely offer myself out if the ideal totally free vacation occurs thank you thank you quite have you ever experienced a culture shock in your own nation so yeah I have in fact in 2009 I did a solo journey worldwide I did parts of the states Australia New Zealand Thailand Laos Vietnam China Hong Kong for about 5 or 6 months when I returned due to the fact that I” ve remained in traveler mode for half a year when I was walking I was for.

The very first time seeing it as a traveler I believed oh my god like oh there” s all these structures that I simply strolled previous every day and put on” t even think of which eventually was type of were the motivations when I made the London traveler video like this is how I would do London as the travelers since I” d had that experience and I resembled wow we reside in this excellent location we need to truly begin doing more things what” s been on your container list for a while that you sanctuary” t checked off Canada certainly India New Zealand I did I did primarily New Zealand on my on my solo journey however I missed out on some part of that Milford sounding and Queenstown and things near the South Melbourne liked to go to the.

Moon how is a correct cup of tea brewed there what treats choose tea time every day what time is information we” re not truly simply consuming tea all the time and having tea time like I put on” t even truly understand what tea time formally is and all that yeah it” s not something we do I would presume it” s most likely in between like 2 and 4 2 and 5 and it” s most likely tea and biscuits and things to us the concern of the important things I can ‘ t response so this is how I’do a cup of tea I ‘ m relatively typical so you got your PG tipps or you Tetley” s or your Tesco ‘ s own brand name and you whack in the warm water you understand perhaps half an inch of milk provide it provide it a little bit of a stir which” s it.

Something I would advise is a chocolate hobnob so they” re in the blue package if we see chocolate Hobnobs in the grocery store blue package you” ve got to have a look at the chocolate hobnob is this is such a moorish biscuit and it opts for the with the brew truly well I” m really considering doing a an English junk food video so let me understand if that” s of interest however cup of tea and a chocolate hobnob hmm what type of canines do you see most in London well now your concern presumes that I understand types of pet I put on” t truly understand types of pet dog I understand I understand poodle I understand Labrador and after that whatever else is simply a canine so poodles and pet dogs I see a great deal of those around a.

Location the dissatisfied you so yeah I invest a little bit of time attempting to consider this I wear” t believe I truly belong that” s dissatisfied me thus then I was sort of believing like simply locations in basic that dissatisfied me and I created a couple of various Instagram coffee shops since you understand I” ve done a cake coffee shop London video and I” m sort of wished to do another one therefore I” ve been taking a look at various dining establishments and coffee shops and things – perhaps function for a future video and when you” re searching Instagram however there” s one that ‘ s called I believe it ‘ s Elan there ‘ s a few of them around London however this thus Instagram oh you understand whatever” s whatever ‘ s pink and your screen 13.

Looks remarkable and I was actually near to going and shooting it I suggest like hi men have a look at this location however then you understand you go on TripAdvisor and you understand it” s over rate is bad service the food” s here’so yeah there ‘ s loads and loads of Instagram coffee shops in London so I believe if ever you are pertaining to go to a coffee shop if it looks truly great simply check that it is really great rather than simply looking excellent hi I question if you vlog slash travel full-time if not what do you people provide for a living no it” s not full-time which is why it takes me an outright age to get a video out however to respond to the concern I a video and do you prepare the commentary text prior to or after the.

Video cut to be truthful I wouldn” t like to think of it if I include it up it ‘ s too long my London video for instance most likely took certainly I was recording whatever that” s that ‘ s something however really sort of taking a seat and considering it composing modifying perhaps like 5 or 6 weeks in overall my procedure is that I will when I” ve got the video footage I ‘ ll take a look at the video based upon that then I” ll do an introduction in some cases I” ll compose the entire script ahead of time most the time though to be truthful I sort of I” ll do an introduction I ‘ ll get the video down and after that I ‘ ll take a look at sort of the next thing take a look at that go compose what I wish to state about this compose the script and after that sort of match the.

Video to that and after that alter things around depending upon how it simply sort of fits after that however yeah 5 or 6 weeks however for like a huge long video or perhaps a number of weeks for like it is simply ideas pointers video so as I pointed out prior to if you do view these videos if you view more than a couple and you” re not subscribed please do strike that subscribe button it does truly assist us and is value it if you desire your concerns responded to for future Q&A if you” ve enjoyed this then leave as lots of concerns as you can think about down in the remarks listed below some future videos I” ve got turning up I state I” m going to do a Vietnam one at some time I still have a couple of more pound videos left in me I.

Wish to do a video about expenses and just how much it costs to go to Japan I may do one about food I might refrain from doing that depends upon how I feel and after that for London I” ve got like a museum one in the pipeline a market one I simply wish to type of surface await all this things to complete so I can see what markets are still open up to do that a person a number of those London treat videos that I discussed previously also thank you quite not rather sure how I.

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