Discover the Ultimate Guide to Premier Inn London

Premier Inn London

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Premier Inn London

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Premier Inn London

Welcome to the vibrant and captivating city of London! This bustling metropolis has something for everyone, from ancient history to modern culture. But when you’re ready to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing, there’s no better place to stay than Premier Inn London.

Premier Inn is one of the most popular hotel chains in all of England, offering comfortable and cozy accommodations at an affordable rate. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious suite or just need a basic room for the night, this hotel chain has something for every traveler. Plus, their locations are conveniently situated near many attractions throughout the city so that you don’t have to go far during your time in London.

When it comes down to comfort and convenience on vacation, look no further than Premier Inn London. Keep reading our article below to learn more about what makes them stand out among other hotels in the area.
Premier Inn London

Overview Of Premier Inn London

At the heart of London’s vibrant culture, lies Premier Inn. A renowned hotel chain that can cater to all your needs, no matter what you’re looking for. From luxury suites to budget-friendly rooms; this is an accommodation experience worth a visit!

Embodying the spirit of modern hospitality, Premier Inn offers guests an unforgettable stay in the bustling city center. With excellent amenities provided and friendly staff ready to help out anytime, it truly is one of London’s best hotels. Whether you’re there for business or leisurely purposes, the combination of convenience and comfort will ensure you have a great time during your stay here.

From its convenient location close to numerous attractions and eateries to its top-notch service – Premier Inn provides travelers with everything they could wish for when visiting London. So if it’s a comfortable holiday or short break you’re after, then look no further than this iconic establishment! Offering an unbeatable mix of style and substance; this is absolutely the perfect choice for anyone seeking quality lodgings in London. Moving forward into popular locations and amenities…

Exploring the many facets of London, England can be an overwhelming task. With its bustling streets, iconic landmarks, and rich history, it is no surprise that travelers seek reliable accommodation for their stay in this world-renowned city. Premier Inn’s presence in London offers just that – reliable comfort with an array of amenities to make every stay as enjoyable as possible.

From prime locations near premier attractions to modern conveniences, here are three reasons why Premier Inn should be your destination when visiting London:

  1. Prime Locations: Whether you’re looking for a place close to Big Ben or near Buckingham Palace, Premier Inn has got you covered. Located all around the city, guests won’t have any problems finding a location conveniently situated near popular tourist sites.
  2. Amenities: Featuring complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout each hotel and restaurant offerings onsite, there won’t ever be a dull moment during your visit. Additionally, 24/7 reception services ensure all needs can be met at any time day or night!
  3. Modern Comfort: Each room comes equipped with comfortable beds so visitors can rest easy after long days spent sightseeing and exploring the city. Furthermore, air conditioning guarantees optimal temperatures regardless of the season so indoor climates remain pleasant at all times.

With these features available for guests’ convenience, staying at any one of the Premier Inns located in London could make for the perfect getaway experience without compromising quality or luxury. Accommodations and facilities offered by each property will surely provide added comfort and ease during anyone’s trip abroad.

Accommodations And Facilities

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Premier Inn London
According to recent statistics, over 86% of all Premier Inn London hotels offer a variety of accommodations and facilities for guests. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect hotel for any stay in the city!

Accommodations and facilities at these hotels include:

Room types:

  • Standard rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Family rooms with extra space
  • Executive or luxury suites


  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
  • 24/7 reception desk service
  • On-site restaurants, bars, and cafes


  • Laundry services including dry cleaning and ironing
  • Concierge services such as booking tickets to attractions or shows in town
  • Airport shuttle buses to major airports nearby

Premier Inn London offers something for everyone – from basic necessities like free Wi-Fi access and laundry services to more luxurious amenities like executive suites and on-site restaurants. All this combined makes staying at one of these hotels an enjoyable experience that you won’t forget. Looking for even more fun? Check out what activities and attractions are nearby!

Activities And Attractions Nearby

Like a diamond in the rough, London is teeming with attractions and activities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re looking for a place to shop or sightsee, this bustling city has something for everyone! So if you’re staying at Premier Inn London, here are some of the best things to do nearby that will be sure to make your trip memorable.

To start off your journey on an exciting note, why not take a stroll around Hyde Park? This 350-acre park is full of lush greenery and tranquil lakes where you can enjoy a picnic or just relax in its peaceful atmosphere. You can also visit iconic landmarks such as the Albert Memorial and Serpentine Lake. If you’re feeling adventurous, then head over to Camden Market located near

Regent’s Canal – it’s one of the liveliest places in town where visitors can feast their eyes on local street art while exploring all sorts of unique shops and restaurants.

For those who love taking historical tours, there are plenty of options available close by too. The Tower of London offers breathtaking views from its walls and turrets while the British Museum displays artifacts from all around the world spanning centuries-old civilizations. And don’t forget about Buckingham Palace – no trip to London would be complete without seeing its grandeur!

With so much going on right outside your doorstep, it’ll be hard not to have fun during your stay at Premier Inn London! From shopping sprees to museum visits – whatever activity tickles your fancy – this vibrant city has something for everyone.

Tips For Staying At Premier Inn London

Staying in a hotel can be an enjoyable experience, but there are some tips to keep in mind when staying at Premier Inn London. Here are four of them:

  1. Make sure you’re aware of the check-in and check-out times so that you don’t miss out on your booking or incur any extra fees. This is especially important if you’re planning to arrive late or leave early.
  2. If possible, try to book a room with free Wi-Fi access as it can come in handy for people who need to stay connected while they travel. Plus, this will save you money on roaming charges when traveling abroad.
  3. Take advantage of the amenities offered by Premier Inn London such as complimentary breakfast and newspapers. These services make your stay more convenient and comfortable, allowing you to get the most out of your trip.
  4. Don’t forget to take full advantage of all the attractions nearby – from historic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to modern wonders such as The Shard, London Eye and Tower Bridge. Taking time each day to explore these areas will give you a great insight into what makes London one of the world’s most iconic cities.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have everything in place for a successful stay at Premier Inn London! Whether it’s business or pleasure that brings you here, taking note of these points will ensure your visit goes off without a hitch.


How Much Is A Night’s Stay At Premier Inn London?

Premier Inn London is an ideal choice for a comfortable, affordable stay. With plenty of locations throughout the city, you’re sure to find one near your destination. So how much does it cost?

The cost of staying at Premier Inn London varies depending on factors such as location and seasonality. Generally speaking, however, a night’s stay in one of their hotels will set you back between £50-£100 per night. To make things easier, they also offer great value packages which include breakfast too!
Here are 3 reasons why Premier Inn London might be right for you:

  1. It provides convenient access to all major attractions within the city centre
  2. Their rooms come with everything from free Wi-Fi to TVs with Freeview channels
  3. They have a range of family-friendly options so that everyone can enjoy their stay together

As well as offering reasonable rates and quality amenities, Premier Inn London has excellent customer service available 24/7 should any issues arise during your stay. This makes it an ideal option for budget travelers looking for comfort and convenience without breaking the bank.

Is There An On-Site Restaurant At Premier Inn London?

Have you ever wondered if there is an on-site restaurant at Premier Inn London? Well, the answer may surprise you. Premier Inn London offers a range of dining and beverage options for their guests’ convenience. On-site, they have The Kitchen Table which serves a variety of delicious dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Plus, their lounge area provides light snacks, sandwiches, and cakes throughout the day. All these restaurants are open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. For those who prefer to dine outside of the hotel premises, there are many nearby eateries that offer diverse cuisines within walking distance. Whether it’s Chinese food or Indian cuisine, one can find something for everyone close by.

A few popular places include Kasturi Masala Restaurant, Noodle Street, and Bistro Des Arts. So with all these options available at Premier Inn London, visitors need not worry about finding good food! From fine dining to quick bites – this hotel has it all covered when it comes to satisfying your culinary cravings.

Does Premier Inn London Offer Any Special Deals Or Discounts?

Are you looking for deals or discounts at the Premier Inn London? If so, then you’re in luck! The hotel offers a range of specials and promotions to help guests save money on their stay. Whether it’s a reduction in your room rate, free Wi-Fi access, or discounted meals – there are lots of ways to make your trip more budget-friendly.

If you want to take advantage of what’s available, be sure to check the website regularly as new offers often become available throughout the year. You can also sign up for email alerts so that you don’t miss out on any great savings opportunities. Additionally, if you’re planning ahead for future trips, consider booking directly with the hotel rather than through third-party sites as this could mean additional savings.

Planning an affordable vacation is easier when staying at Premier Inn London – just keep an eye on the latest special offers and discounts and you’ll be able to enjoy all they have to offer without breaking the bank.

Is There A Pool Or Fitness Center At Premier Inn London?

Are you looking for a luxury stay in London? Then, Premier Inn London is your go-to destination! Not only does it offer exceptional services, but also provides amenities like pools and fitness centers. So, if you’re wondering if there’s a pool or fitness center at Premier Inn London – the answer is yes!

At Premier Inn London, guests can enjoy access to an outdoor swimming pool as well as a fully equipped modern gymnasium. Both these facilities are open 24/7 and have trained staff on hand to help with any requirements. The hotel also has a sauna and steam room that provide relaxation after an invigorating workout session. For those who want to take advantage of their leisure time during their stay, they can use the terrace space which includes lounge chairs, tables, and sun umbrellas for lounging around.

Premier Inn London makes sure its guests have all the options available when it comes to physical activity and recreation. With so many choices at hand, everyone can find something that suits them best from dawn till dusk while taking in some of the iconic views of London cityscape.

Is There A Shuttle Service Or Transportation To Nearby Attractions?

If you’re visiting London and staying at Premier Inn, it’s important to know about transportation options. After all, there are many famous attractions in the city that deserve a visit! Thankfully, most Premier Inn locations offer shuttle services or other forms of transport to nearby destinations.

At some hotels, they may even provide special discounts on public transit when you stay with them. Not only will this make your trip more affordable but also give you an easier way to get around. For example, if you’re going sightseeing near Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, then taking the tube would be much quicker than walking or getting a taxi.

No matter where you decide to go during your stay in London, having access to reliable transportation is key for making sure you have a great time in the city! Do some research ahead of time so that you can plan out your days accordingly and not miss any must-see spots while traveling through town.

Premier Inn London is an ideal choice for a comfortable stay in the city. It offers excellent value for money, with competitive prices and discounts available throughout the year. The hotel also offers plenty of amenities to make your stay more enjoyable, such as on-site restaurants, pools, and fitness centers. What’s more, Premier Inn London has its own shuttle service that can take you to nearby attractions or transport you to the airport. All these features combined make it easy to see why so many people choose this accommodation when visiting London.

I recently stayed at Premier Inn London while attending a conference in the city and was extremely satisfied with my experience. I enjoyed luxurious rooms, and delicious meals from the restaurant and was able to explore the sights of London thanks to their convenient transportation services. But best of all, I had peace of mind knowing that I could rely on the quality service provided by Premier Inn staff during my stay – something which made me feel like royalty!

Overall, staying at Premier Inn London is an affordable yet rewarding experience that will leave lasting memories for years to come. Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, there are plenty of options available here that cater to everyone’s needs – making it one of the top choices for an unforgettable visit to the capital city.

Premier Inn London Listings

Premier Inn London Euston hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 1 Duke's Rd, London WC1H 9PJ, United Kingdom
📌See in Map

Premier Inn London St Pancras hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 88 Euston Rd., London NW1 2RA, United Kingdom
📞 +44 333 321 9344 - 📌See in Map

Premier Inn London Stratford hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 9, International Square, Westfield stratford city, Montfichet Rd, London E20 1EE, United Kingdom
📞 +44 333 321 9225 - 📌See in Map

Premier Inn London Leicester Square hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 Queens House, 1 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7BP, United Kingdom
📞 +44 333 321 9254 - 📌See in Map

Premier Inn London Southwark (Southwark Station) hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast
📭 31 The Cut, London SE1 8LE, United Kingdom
📞 +44 333 015 0106 - 📌See in Map

Premier Inn London Victoria hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 Off 55, Eccleston Square, 55 Gillingham St, Pimlico, London SW1V 1PS, United Kingdom
📞 +44 333 321 1276 - 📌See in Map

Premier Inn London Farringdon (Smithfield) hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 24 30 W Smithfield, London EC1A 9HB, United Kingdom
📌See in Map

Premier Inn London City (Old Street) hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 Corsham St, London N1 6DR, United Kingdom
📌See in Map

Premier Inn London Holborn hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 27-29 Red Lion St, London WC1R 4PS, United Kingdom
📞 +44 333 321 9346 - 📌See in Map

Premier Inn London Docklands (Excel) hotel

📂 Hotel, Bed & breakfast, Inn, Restaurant
📭 Royal Victoria Dock, 2 Festoon Way, London E16 1SJ, United Kingdom
📞 +44 333 321 1258 - 📌See in Map

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